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Exercising with Your Dog 101

Though exercise needs are based on a dog's age, breed, size and overall health, your dog should spend between thirty to sixty minutes on an activity every day.  A dog that suffers from lack of physical activity and mental stimulation will tell you that they will often turn to destructive behaviors -- behaviors that magically disappear once the dog is getting out every day.

🙂 30 to 60.min... SuperDogs Camps go for 2 to 4 HOURS of pure play.....

Our camps are designed to meet each pets needs from the high energy athletic breeds to your overweight companions trying to trim down and get healthy.

Our gentle exercises format encourages older pooches to sign up. Just because your senior dog moves with a slower, stiffer gait than when he was a pup doesn't mean he should stop exercising.

A good time for all "A DOGGONE GOOD TIME"


Getting Started

Exercise buddy, step one is a trip to the vet. Your vet can evaluate your dog for any heart, lung, or other health problems.


When exercising in groups of dogs I understand all dogs are not the same and monitor each pet separately.

Establishing a Routine

Also consider your dog's needs -- working breeds and young dogs usually need a lot of exercise.

Avoiding Overkill

When exercising with your dog, watch for signs that one of you may be overdoing it.

Preventing Heat Exhaustion

On hot days, bring a water bottle and foldable drinking bowl or stick to places with a public water source.

Paw Protection

Long walks on rough surfaces can damage a dog's paws. Start slowly. If you work your way up to longer walks, most dogs will develop thicker pads on their feet and not have problems.


Every dog needs exercise, whether it is walking, agility for dogs, frisbee / ball catch, hiking, tracking running, or even specific types of playtime activities such as chasing balls or bubbles, playing tug of war, digging for hidden toys or enjoying a rousing game of hide and seek.

SwimmingFrisbee Hiking Agility Training Soccer CyclingDog ParkFetch

 Back Scratching Walking | Jogging | Biking | Hide & Seek | Hiking | Tracking Backpacking


All dogs like different toys to play with they are like us.  I recommend the client give me any toys that their canine likes playing with.

Off the Leash (optional)

I will not let a pet off the leash unless first agreed a client. I personally train my animals to be off leash. I notice as time goes on a dog will respond positively by slowly allowing that freedom they emulate other dogs. But all this is done in a controlled environment and with the approval of client.


Even though I am a baby boomer I am pretty good with technogly. I will send text updates of poop & pee [#1 & #2] medications that need to be taken. And pictures /videos of them playing letting you know all is good.

Daily Rates

One - 2 - Hour Camp
Updates, Photos, Videos, Treats, Water
One - 4 - Hour Camp
Updates, Photos, Videos, Treats, Water
Two - 4 - Hour Camps
You Pick Day & Time -Updates, Photos, Videos, Treats, Water,

Weekly Rates

Four - 2 - Hour Camps
You Pick Day & Time -Updates, Photos, Videos, Treats, Water
Four - 4 - Hour Camps
You Pick Day & Time -Updates, Photos, Videos, Treats, Water, 1 Full Baths
Seven - 2 - Hour Camps
You Pick Day & Time -Updates, Photos, Videos, Treats, Water, 2 Full Baths

Monthly Rates

"SuperDogs" 72
Seven- 2 Hour "SuperDogs" Camps | You Pick Day & Time -Updates, Photos, Videos, Treats, Water | Five 30 Minute Dog Walks | Behavior Issues! - 5 Daytime Sessions
10-4 "SuperDogs"
Seven - 4 Hour "SuperDogs" Camps | You Pick Day & Time | Updates, Photos, Videos, Treats, Water | 10 Dog Walks 60 Minutes | Therapy Dog Training
Everybody Loves Raymond!
*CREATE YOUR OWN PACKAGE* or | Fourteen 4-Hour "SuperDogs" Camps | You Pick Day & Time -Updates, Photos, Videos, Treats, Water | 40 Dog Walks 60 minutes | Sitting - 30 Days Twice A Day, Feeding, 2 Walks Daily, Cleanup, | FREE TOY!