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Meet & Greet



We recommend scheduling an initial face-to-face meeting so that you and your pet can meet us, before starting the initial service. To book a meet & greet you can call, text, email or book it now at:  click here…

Meet & Greet





We begin once you decide what services you will be needing then submit paperwork and payment.


Meet & Greet



Dog Walking



You can’t always predict a crazy day at work, but you sure can anticipate your dog’s need to go. Instead of racing home at lunch, book a doggie walker to give your dog a 30 or 60 – minute walk. Your dog walker can stop by as many times as you need in the day—on whatever days you need them. Single walks and discounted multi-packs available.

Walking Packages: 


Pet Sitting


I will stay at your home and give your pet(s) that extra companionship they crave while you are gone. Our overnight pet sitting services include evening and morning walks and feedings and lots of playtime with your pet. We will also check the mail, pick up the paper, water your plants, and rotate the lights. If you have unique feeding instructions, if your pet requires medication, or if your pal just loves to play – will meet your every need.

Daycare & Overnights Packages: 



Dog Training


Training classes are based on age, skill level & the developmental needs of your dog.



Course Curriculum: Puppy Lessons | Basic Training | Behavior Issues | Advanced Obedience Package | Off Leash K9 Training | Therapy Dog Training | Dog Aggression Training Package | Adult Dogs Training | Dogs Needing Better Manners | Behavior Modification


Puppy Training:  Manners | Socialization with people & other dogs | Loose-leash walking

Beginner: Simple cues like leave it & drop it | Basic house manners | Problem solving | Loose-leash walking| Learn simple cues like leave it & drop it | Practice loose-leash walking| Reinforce basic house manner

Intermediate: Review learned behaviors | Practice behaviors with added distractions | Learn heel, wait, go to bed & more | Gain reliability

Advanced: Master advanced behaviors | Work on supervised separation | Play specialized games to build reliability | Practice behaviors like advanced heel with increased distractions


Training Packages: 







Athletic & Overweight Dogs Camps

Though exercise needs are based on a dog’s age, breed, size and overall health, your dog should spend between two to four hours on an activity every day.  Anyone who has had a dog that suffers from lack of physical activity and mental stimulation will tell you that they will often turn to destructive behaviors — behaviors that magically disappear once the dog is getting out every day.


5 Reasons why SuperDog Camps are Important for your Dog!


Some dogs enjoy playtime so much that they will bring a favorite toy to their human handler when they go to play. When you see your pooch stand by the place where you store their favorite toys to drop a not-so-subtle hint that they want to go to SuperDogs Camp



Every dog athletic or overweight needs exercise, whether it is walking, agility for dogs, frisbee / ball catch, hiking, tracking, running, or even specific types of playtime activities such as chasing balls or bubbles, playing tug of war, digging for hidden toys or enjoying a rousing game of hide and seek. Each session we bring a different theme.



Playtime is an ideal time to help your dog improve the skills you are trying to teach them. Basic commands such as fetch, come, sit and so forth can easily be incorporated into different types of SuperDogs Camps, which will reinforce what you want your dog to learn and obey.


Mental Stimulation

Dogs get bored the same way we do. They need mental stimulation to keep them in a good state of mind, happy, interested, and away from trouble.



A bored dog will resort to destructive chewing or act out to burn off some of their pent up energy. You may see your dog nervously pacing, jumping around or disobeying commands when they need to get the exercise and attention that comes with playtime. This individualized playtime can make all the difference in their behavior.

SuperDogs” Packages: